-automatic assembly machines'

automatic assembly machines

With the help of this machine, it is possible to assemble several hose sections of brake lines with different lengths as well as the following pneumatic pressure/continuity tests.

Faulty parts are automatically removed.

Example of a machine for the automatic drawing of hose sections onto brake pipes.

ibl Maschinenbau automatic assembly machines

Our service package:

  • automatic assembly machines
  • construction of custom machines
  • handling systems
  • conveyance and feeding equipment
  • hand assembly work station
  • tool changing wagon
  • sub-contract work
Finanzinstrument unterstützt aus dem EUROPÄISCHEN FONDS FÜR REGIONALE ENTWICKLUNG.
Das vom Freistaat Thüringen geförderte Projekt wurde durch Mittel der Europäischen Union im Rahmen des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) kofinanziert.