ibl Maschinenbau GmbH - the company

The history of our company

Founding of "Ingenieurbüro Liening" as an engineering firm in Sonneborn

Expansion of the business into industrial agency work

The company moves to a production centre in Gotha and the founding of ibl Automation GmbH

Investment in machining, milling and turning equipment

Merging of "Ingenieurbüro Liening" with "ibl automation GmbH" and establishment of "ibl Automation Thomas Liening"

Investment into a CNC milling machine

Investment into a CNC processing centre with 5-axis control
Investment into a CNC turning machine

Founding of “ibl Maschinenbau GmbH“
Expansion of the factory space to a total of 1,600 qm

We help you to be in front!

We reduce the period from the idea to market success.

Our experienced and qualified engineers for special machines develop custom machines, automatic assembly machines or special tools and jigs from components or prototypes provided by the customer.
Using drawings created on modern CAD workstations components are produced and can be assembled and brought into use in your production centre.

Our high quality work always convinces our customers:

  • the reliability of the machines we build
  • the trouble-free use of our machines on a three shift basis over many years

Our service package:

  • automatic assembly machines
  • construction of custom machines
  • handling systems
  • conveyance and feeding equipment
  • hand assembly work station
  • tool changing wagon
  • sub-contract work